The Raiders are  interns that are current or former MTSU (Blue Raiders) students in health-related fitness majors:

Coach Sarah


Originally from Memphis Tennessee, Sarah majored in nutrition and exercise science as an undergrad at MTSU.   She is now a masters in nutrition student  at U. of Memphis.    She loves to run as well as tone.  One of her many talents is playing the piano.  Sarah was an active member of her sorority.  She is a world traveler as she spent the summer of 2008 studying abroad in France.  Her report upon returning:  “French women don’t get fat”.


Rachel calls Murfreesboro Tennessee home.  She has  bachelors degree in public and community health  and is someone who really has a heart for what ShapeIQ is all about.  She  is curently a masters candidate  at MTSU and intends to teach health at the university level in the future.  Rachel loves to travel and workout both aerobically and anaerobically.  She  has the attitude and work ethic that ShapeIQ is trying to teach.


Claire is from Tullahoma Tennessee and is an exercise science  major at MTSU.  Her future goals include being a trainer for Nashville  music artists on the road.  Claire is a very disciplined young woman with excellent fitness habits.  She too epitomizes the ideal  of  the healthy lifestyle  for American women


 Crystal is originally from Detroit, Michigan but now calls Murfreesboro home. She is interested in a career in nursing so she is also interested in wellness.  Crystal too exemplifies a healthy lifestyle of both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. She has a great deal of emotional intelligence and works well with many different groups of people.


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