Sorority Health Empowerment (S. H. E.)

The S.H E. program is a fun and interactive way for college women to learn healthy emotional and physical lifestyle habits. They are taught how to create a personal environment that will keep them fit and healthy throughout their lives.

Areas covered include:

Interpersonal Motivation

Building Positive Relationships

Best Exercise Practices

Optimal Nutrition


The S.H.E. workshop is one that is very enjoyable, educational and memorable focusing on the important area of specialized college women’s wellness.


 Women’s Wellness in the 21st Century

There has been a huge change in women’s lifestyles in the past 50 years. Some of it has been for the better but nuch of the change, especially in the areas of exertion and nutrition, has proven to be bad for women’s health. The Women’s Wellness in the 21st Century presentation outlines the changes and suggests solutions, especially in the following areas:

Women’s Health

Positive Social Support

Best Exercise Practices\Synergistic Nutrition

Stress Management

Women’s Specialized Mind\Body Physiology

This presentation is fun, insightful, engaging and interactive. It helps women better understand themselves and their individual motivational patterns with regard to exercise, nutrition and interpersonal relationships. It will create a greater level of empowerment in each participant and enable them to have greater control over their health future.


















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